Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

I just finished reading Shopaholic Takes Manhattan and it was such a great read! I loved it! Made me laugh, giggle and even made me feel some tears in my eyes at times! I just loved this book.
If you have read Confessions Of A Shopaholic then you have to read Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. And now that I finshed reading it, I know I just HAVE to read Shopaholic Ties The Knot and the other books in the series that follow Becky Bloomwood and her hilarious ways! 🙂
I love how Sophie Kinsella, the author, writes! It truly feels like you can see it all happening, right before your eyes. I felt like I was there, in New York, at the shops, in Barneys, in Sephora getting a makeover! And, omg, the spa scene is hilarious! A crystal tattoo where?! LOL

I’m telling you, you have to read this! You will enjoy it, just like I did! I can’t wait for the movie to come out, I will be the first in line! 🙂 I believe it comes out this Friday, February 13th!!
So, with this, I complete my goal of reading a new book in February. Next up… Shopaholic Ties The Knot! Can’t wait… I think I’m going by to the store tonight and buying it so I can read it before seeing the movie this weekend!! =D We’ll see… I will “keep you posted” lol.


Siblings away for College

Okay, so my one and only brother [RJ], who happens to be the baby of the family, headed back out to UC Davis this morning. I am very close to him. I am very sad. The crappy thing is that the flight between Sacramento and Bakersfield is nonexistent as of August, which was his way of coming home as often as he did last year. Now, with the price of gas and cosidering that it’s a 6 hour drive, he will be coming home less often. Perhaps only for major holidays. I’m already counting the days till Thanksgiving!! 🙂

My youngest sister [Maria] is also away at school, at Pepperdine University. The only difference is that Pepperdine is only a short drive from home, and she has been able to come home as often as she liked. Also, she is now married which takes away the main concern of her being alone over there. She now has her husband to take care of her and protect her. She is no longer alone. And I know that RJ is a man, but it still worries me to know that he is alone out there. We are, needless to say, a very close family. It’s hard to have them away from us, away from me!! I just pray that God takes care of them, as He always has!!! 🙂

Also, I am super excited for Maria…. this is her last year at Pepperdine University!!! As she says, YAY!!!! It seems so hard to believe that it has been four years. Time goes by fast once you look back. But it was hard, too, to see her leave home… I cried a lot, like I have now with RJ. But I am so proud of them both! I love you Maria and RJ!!!!