Love The One You’re With

Last night I finished reading “Love The One You’re With” by Emily Giffin. I really enjoyed reading this book! I have also read her “Baby Proof” book and previously wrote about that here. I will check around for other books by her to read next!

Anyway, back to this book… I really felt that it was speaking to most women, most married women who had a serious relationship before the relationship they married into. It was about loving the one you are with, hence the title, but perhaps still loving your past love, even if just a little bit. Your past love is in your past, yes, but what happens when that person crosses you in the street, per say, what do you do then? What if that encounter triggers old sparks, feelings you thought you had taken care of and no longer felt? What do you do then? Do you risk everything you have in your marriage to find out why that relationship had ended or if it was a mistake even ending it? Or do you say hi and just keep on walking? What do you do? Do you give up on your current love for a past love in hopes that it will be better? Well, to find out what Ellen does, you will just have to read the book! I am telling you, it’s a great story with a lot of background… and I totally was able to envision everything as it happened!! I loved it!!

Love The One You’re With


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