For My Mom, I LOVE YOU

I love taking a look at the Kardashian sisters’ blogs. Today I was on Khloe Kardashian’s blog and she had posted this one great blog about the 5 traits she got from her mommy, so I decided to do one as well!… In the spirit of Mother’s Day I have listed the top 5 traits I inherited from my mom, here they are:

  1. My beautiful dark brown eyes! I love them! And my husband loves them, too. He always tells me I have the most beautiful eyes… thank you Mommy!
  2. To compliment my dark brown eyes, I also inherited long full eyelashes from my momma. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love my eyes, and it’s all because of my great mother!
  3. I love shopping! And I KNOW I inherited that from my mom! It’s crazy how much she likes to shop! Don’t believe me? My mom has her closet jam-packed of clothes, she also has clothes in my sister Maria’s closet and in my brother’s closet. And I have so much clothes, shoes and handbags that I had to take down a wall in one of my spare bedrooms and make it a walk-in closet! Thanks mommy for passing down the “love to shop” trait!! lol
  4. I think my strong character also comes from my mom. Is that a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t know, but it’s true! I am very persistent to prove my point. My husband often tells me that I am just like my mother in arguments. lol Thanks, mom! lol
  5. Faith! My mother has such a strong faith in the Lord!! My father does too, of course, but I have always noticed my mother’s faith. No matter the situation, she has faith! And I know that my faith has been strengthened by knowing that my mother has had faith no matter what it was that she was going through. My mom has helped me so much, especially in strengthening and solidifying my faith! I want to think of myself as a faith-full woman, just like my mommy!
My mother and I did not have the best of relationships when I was growing up, all because I was trying to be very rebellious. But she knew how to have patience with me and faith in me. And it all turned out a lot better. Now we have a great, strong bond. I love my mother to the maximum and can not imagine myself without her, ever! She has always been there for me, whether I wanted her to be or not, and I always ended up turning to her for words of wisdom, encouragement, faith and comfort. Mommy, I love you! Happy Mother’s Day to the BEST mother ever!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

My beautiful mother with my beautiful sisters and I!!!


Author: Estrella Calligraphy & Design

Passionate about writing. xo Blessings. Estrella

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