25 Random Things About Me!

1- I love LOVE 😉 You really can love someone more than you thought possible… really! It’s so great to share your life with someone you truly love and loves you back. It’s great, wonderful, beautiful… even with the ups and downs that come in every relationship. Where there is love, there is perseverance. I love LOVE! XOXOXO
2- I love going to the beach. When the weather is too hot (all summer long in Arvin) I just want to get in the car and just drive to the beach. I will stop at any beach, even if it’s a little cold out, and walk along the shoreline, each time it’s possible.

3- I love to give myself pedicures. I love scrubbing my feet with a foot scrub and pumice stone, lathering them with softening cream, clipping the nails and polishing them! I love how soft my feet are! I love wearing open-toe shoes and showing them off! 

4- I daydream a lot of having my own business. I have a few great ideas flowing and have actually written them down and have started writing a business plan. One day… one day it will all come true!!
5- I love celebrity gossip! I visit celebrity gossip websites daily! My favorites are TMZ.com & People.com. I love knowing of all of their drama and scandals… and knowing that they are not these perfect creatures that we see on the covers of magazine’s or on television and movies.
6- My favorite all-time movie actress is Julia Roberts. I love her! I have tried to watch all of her movies. My dad loves her, too! But my favorite, favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston. I don’t know why, but I just love her! She is awesome.
7- I watched Fr
iends every Thursday night when it was on in primetime. I fell in love with that show. I later bought the entire Friends series collection with the episode book. I watched the entire series over the period of a few evenings… and it was like watching it for the first time. You can never get enough of it!!
8- I am a pack rat. At work and in public I am very clean and organized. But in private, I hate throwing things out. I have to force myself to sort through everything every few months. That’s when I realize I have so much crap that I could have gotten rid of a long time ago! lol

9- I love shopping, but since I am not currently happy with my weight, I have turned to shopping for shoes, handbags, accessories, etc. I know that once I am down to my goal weight I will resume my clothes shopping extravaganza! lol

10- I am very comfortable living in Arvin, but if I could have my way, I would move back to Southern California; perhaps Ventura County, somewhere nice and thriving, not too far from the beach. Maria, do you have any room there with you?! lol

11- I dream of winning the lottery… like at least 2 million dollars! (after taxes!) I would first and foremost buy a great piece of land and build my dad his own church. It would be my way of giving my tithe to the Lord. I would then pay-off anything I owed… house, cars, etc. Set aside a great chunk in investment accounts, and pay-off anything my parents owed… I want to give them back a little of what they have given to me and my siblings!

12- I know that there is NOTHING impossible for the Lord. Yet, I am very scared of going to the doctor and hearing that I may not be able to have children of my own. I pray for that day to never come, ever, ever! I dream of one day having children of my own. Whether or not I have children of my own, I want to adopt at least one child. Give him/her the love that everyone deserves to have in their life: a mother’s love. Give that child a happy life, full of everything that he/she might have thought of possibly never having. Bring happiness and a smile to that child. That, in itself, is a gift!

13- I love to read! I want to read at least one book per month this year, and build up my book collection. I love going in to Borders, time seems to fly by when I am in there, just looking through all the books! But I have also bought books through Amazon.com marketplace… very nice prices!!

14 – I love the Lord and praise Him. April 4th is my 10-year anniversary of the date I was baptized in the name of the Lord! I cannot imagine my life without Him. I see people that I know and love around me, living without the Lord as a daily presence in their lives and I just think “wow, I am glad I know the Lord, believe in Him and serve Him.” Can’t imagine any other way!

15- I have heart disease. Though I am not currently “sick” it is a part of me and always will be. I had open-heart surgery at about 2 years old and take medication to help my heart. I have learned to love the scars on my chest!

16- I enjoy some time alone to myself. Not too much time, though. lol I use that time to read, relax or sometimes to clean. I think everyone deserves a morning or afternoon alone every once in a while. One of two things happens: you have time to relax, or you actually get things done during that time!

17- I love my skin. It has its imperfections but I love how soft it is! It may not be perfect, but it’s soft and I love it!!

18- I love listening to my friends and giving advice. I really do think I would have made a great counselor or therapist. I enjoy listening to others and helping them out.
19- I have many great, wonderful friends. And many of these friends have told me that when they first met me I seemed conceited. So I admit, I am somewhat conceited. I do think of myself as a little vain at times. I do care how I look, and there are certain things I will not do. I do spend a lot of time in front of the mirror… doing my hair, coloring my hair, doing my makeup, etc. So what? I don’t think it’s wrong to be a little conceited or vain. Of course, there are limits and boundaries.

20- I enjoy driving. But I get irritated by all of the dumb drivers out there. If you are not going at least at speed limit, you better not be driving in front of me!

21- I do have regrets. One big, huge regret is not having gone to college straight out of high school. I mean, what was I thinking?! I wish I could have thought that through a little better!

22- I am afraid to fly, though I have never even been near an airplane. But I need to get over that fear because I do plan on traveling. Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, France, Spain, Mexico… here I come!

23- I enjoy singing. I sing all the time; in my car, in the shower, at home… all the time! I would love to take singing lessons and actually learn to sing in the right key! lol
24- I love taking pictures. I guess this goes back to #19… me admitting to being a little conceited and vain. But I’m being honest here… I have been told I am very photogenic, and I admit, I am! lol You know what, many in my family are very photogenic. I guess we are just beautiful people that take beautiful photos! But seriously, I love taking pictures… of me, me with my loved ones, family and friends, things that I see… I have tons of pictures in a photo box and many, many more saved on my computer! SMILE =D
25- I have a Facebook, blog, twitter account, email, cell phone, text messaging… so if you ever want to get a hold of me, don’t try finding any excuses ‘cause there are none!


Author: Estrella Calligraphy & Design

Passionate about writing. xo Blessings. Estrella

One thought on “25 Random Things About Me!”

  1. I really liked reading your list. There are a few similarities between ours, lol. It’s kinda hard to come up with 25 interesting things to write down, isn’t it?! :)BTW, you have ads on your blog? Why? Just wondering…


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